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This website reviews topics related to molecular biology, cell biology, biotechnology and genetic engineering at university undergraduate level. Feel free to use it as a learning tool to deepen your understanding of the tools and techniques used by scientists to elucidate the intricate molecular mechanisms of life as we know it.

Example experiment reports for undergraduate students. Enzymatic reactions, microorganism screening, plasmid introduction into E. coli, Western Blotting and more.

Easy to understand, detailed reviews of publications in major scientific journals. The scientific jargon is simplified, and methods are clearly explained in order to make science accessible to beginner researchers.

Detailed review of one of the most popular tools in genetic engineering. This topic explains the very basics of Cas9- and Cas12a-based systems. It also introduces numerous recent advancements and alternative CRISPR-Cas systems.

Techniques of rejuvenating somatic cells in frogs, sheep and humans, and the creation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.

How the chemical modifications of our DNA and the proteins that package it influences how our genes are expressed, and how our lifestyles can influence these modifications.

On the transcriptional activation of Hox genes, Wnt/β-catenin pathway, and various burning questions in developmental biology.

Molecular mechanisms of vernalization, flowering and plant immunity explained. This topic also delves into how to create and test a useful GMO crop with high iron content to counteract world's iron deficiency problem.

A technology trend survey of senolytics- anti-cancer and potential anti-aging drugs which can selectively remove senescent cells from the body.

Topics relating to medical science- from measles, diabetic retinopathy, diabetes and their diagnostics and treatment to the role of high-speed communication networks in surgery and biomedical research.

About me

I'm Alex, a Medical Science Master's student living in Osaka, Japan. I earned my undergraduate degree in Bioengineering in 2021. I am interested in aging research, epigenetics, cell biology, development and neuroscience. I have created this website so that it can serve as an educational resource for undergraduate students, and high school students with a strong background in biology.

Feel free to contact me at general.molbio@gmail.com